• At the heart of JAD Architects is permit expediting. We have over a decade of experience throughout Singapore and can push through projects in even the most difficult jurisdictions. JAD guides and advises you in the development and permit process as well as advises on compliance issues/matters.

    We can provide you with a complete report of the property’s construction history as quickly as possible. With numerous project managers in the field every day, we complete research requests quickly and efficiently. Our expert staff can also read and understand building permits so you get the most accurate and thorough research possible.

  • By supplying us with a valid address or parcel number, we can pull any documents on file within the corresponding records, including:

    – Planning Permits and Records
    – Building Permits and Records
    – Fire Permits and Records
    – Road Interpretation Plans
    – Drainage Records
    – Tax Assessor’s Building Records
    – Sewer Sanitary Records
    – Special Projects

    We can help investigate the land use, zoning or entitlements and authorities take on your project and as registered Qualified Person we can also assist in regularising necessary non-compliances of existing conditions or new to the necessary governmental departments.

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